Use the Google Wifi app to check your speeds on all your devices at once

use the google wifi app to check your speeds on all your devices at once

  • A brand new replace to the Google Wifi app permits you to speed-check all of your hooked up devices at once.
  • You can nonetheless check every software on its personal manually, however the all-at-once community check is much sooner.
  • You can most effective check your whole house although, no longer simply the devices hooked up to explicit Google Wifi issues.

Google Wifi is a part of Google’s push to make putting in place your house community a far more uncomplicated job. With the Google Wifi router, getting your house Wi-Fi up-and-running is a snap, and lengthening the vary of your router is straightforward since all you may have to do is upload extra Google Wifi issues.

But what if a few of your devices appear to have a gradual web connection? You can take a look at the speeds of every particular person software, however that could be a time-consuming job.

With a brand new replace to the Google Wifi app rolling out these days, by the use of CNet, it is possible for you to to take a look at community speeds of each hooked up software in your house all at once.

In the previous, you might be in a position to take a look at the web velocity your modem is supplying your Google Wifi router or check the mesh connection between your more than a few Google Wifi issues. Now there’s a 3rd choice: “Test Wi-Fi,” which exams the connection velocity of each hooked up software.

When you hit the Test Wi-Fi button, the app is going thru each software one-by-one, checking the speeds. At the finish of every take a look at, you’re given a community velocity which you’ll be able to write down. Then it routinely is going on to the subsequent software.

If you may have a large number of hooked up devices in your house, the all-at-once take a look at may just take a little time.

Google estimates that the moderate house has 18 hooked up devices, in order that record you’re making may just get beautiful lengthy. But, in the finish, you’ll know if there are any issues of your web speeds in sure portions of the area, or if you wish to have to deal with connection problems with any explicit software.

If you simply need to check the velocity of 1 software, that may be achieved as neatly. Simply cross to Devices from the primary web page, to find the software you need to take a look at, and run the program.

Unfortunately, there’s a limitation right here: you’ll be able to’t check the speeds of most effective the devices hooked up to explicit Google Wifi issues. In different phrases, you probably have two Google Wifi issues in your house – one in the front room and one upstairs – you’ll be able to’t check most effective the devices hooked up to the upstairs hub. It’s all at once, or one at a time.

The Google Store these days has a promotion going till May 26 that will get you discounted pricing on Google Wifi issues. One Google Wifi level will price $119 (down from $129), and a two-pack will price $279 (down from $299). Both programs are most effective to be had to U.S. citizens and include loose transport.

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