Malicious apps reinfest Play Store after name change

malicious apps reinfest play store after name change

  • At least seven malicious apps are stated to have reappeared within the Play Store after being in the past got rid of.
  • The apps it sounds as if had other names and publishers, however the similar code.
  • The apps in query used depended on icons to request permissions, ahead of pushing commercials to the instrument.

At least seven malicious apps that had in the past been got rid of from Google Play are stated to have reappeared below other names. Researchers at Symantec discovered that the apps were reuploaded to Google Play via other publishers, however that the malware code contained in them used to be the similar.

The malware in query used to be a trojan first came upon in February 2014 known as Android.Reputation.1.

According to Symantec, the malicious apps took the type of “emoji keyboard additions, space cleaners, calculators, app lockers, and call recorders.” However, they didn’t carry out their marketed serve as. Instead, the apps would try to disguise after being put in, ahead of seeking to make the most of the person’s instrument.


The apps would take a number of steps to keep away from detection and uninstallation via the person and Google’s safety programs, together with mendacity dormant for a while ahead of starting malicious actions, the use of depended on icons such because the Google Play icon, converting the launcher and operating apps icons, and soliciting for admin privileges.

All of those steps may additionally make it tougher for unsuspecting customers to understand precisely what used to be happening. The apps would then create benefit for the builders via pushing commercials to the instrument the use of Google Mobile Services. This integrated rip-off pages that informed customers that they had received a prize.

While the malware used to be present in no less than seven apps, it’s now not transparent how repeatedly the apps have been put in or what number of customers the apps affected. Symantec additionally doesn’t define what has change into of the apps — probably, they’ve been got rid of another time.

Downloading apps from Google Play is in most cases secure. Google employs measures to scan apps for malicious actions and it says that during 2017 the choice of inflamed apps that made it into the Play Store used to be a great deal decreased when in comparison to 2016.

However, there’s all the time an opportunity that apps will make it into the shop and, probably, onto your instrument. To battle this, you must handiest set up apps from depended on resources, pay shut consideration to the permissions asked, and stay your instrument up to the moment.

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