Google’s ADT-2 Android TV dongle is meant for developers

googles adt 2 android tv dongle is meant for developers

  • Google introduced the ADT-2, a reference Android TV software that is concerning the measurement of a Chromecast.
  • The software runs Android P and features a far flung that permits for Google Assistant reinforce.
  • The developer-only ADT-2 might be to be had later this summer time.

Remember that Google-branded Android TV dongle that handed throughout the FCC a couple of month in the past? That was once no anomaly, as Google introduced that very dongle all through its developer convention.

Called the ADT-2, the software is concerning the measurement of a Chromecast Ultra, runs Android TV, and lines an HDMI plug and tool port. It additionally contains 8GB of garage and 2GB of RAM, despite the fact that Google remained mum on the remainder of the internals.

Finally, the ADT-2 helps 4K video streaming, helps Google Assistant with the incorporated Bluetooth LE far flung, and runs the second one Android P developer preview. That remaining bit is particularly useful for developers who wish to take a look at their apps with the incomplete instrument earlier than primetime.

Google mentioned the ADT-2 would run Android P when the software ships to developers later this summer time. Because it is meant to be a reference software, the ADT-2 will solely be to be had for developers and no longer for common other folks.

Even so, it is spectacular small software just like the ADT-2 helps one thing like Android TV. It nearly makes the Chromecast moderately redundant, despite the fact that Android TV dongles will most probably promote for a lot more than a Chromecast does these days.

Google famous restricted selection of developers gets the software and that precedence is going to developers with Google Play accounts. Also, the ADT-2 may not be to be had on your nation because of transport restrictions.

Developers within the ADT-2 can join via this Google shape.

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