New survey concludes American teens prefer iPhone over Android

1523386273 new survey concludes american teens prefer iphone over android

  • A survey via Piper Jaffray concludes that over 80-percent of American teens prefer iPhone over Android.
  • The effects are a part of a bigger image by which teens love of the iPhone will get more potent with each and every passing quarter.
  • The survey apparently doesn’t point out which teens are getting iPhones as hand-me-downs from their folks, the most probably explanation why such a lot of teens prefer iPhones.

Everyone recollects what it used to be like being a tender youngster and being determined to slot in with the in-crowd. Who hasn’t regarded again at footage from their more youthful years and laughed at how foolish they regarded decked out within the style of the days? “That’s not really me,” you are saying to your self, “I was just going through a phase.”

Speaking of becoming in and going via levels, a brand new survey concludes that 82 % of American youngsters personal iPhones, and a whopping 84 % of teens say their subsequent telephone can also be an iPhone.

The effects stem from Piper Jaffray’s “Teens Survey,” by the use of Business Insider, which obtains its information from hundreds of youngsters throughout America with a median age of 16.

But right here’s the place issues get actually horrifying: final fall, when the similar group carried out a equivalent survey, it discovered that 78 % of teens recently owned an iPhone. This new 82 % quantity is not just upper than a couple of months in the past, however the very best iPhone-ownership stat the survey has ever noticed.

The graph beneath paints a chilling image of simply how a lot teens need to have precisely what their buddies have and not using a regard for usability, forte, or selection:

teens prefer iphone Business Insider

Are those teens all loopy? What are they doing, consuming laundry detergent pods or one thing?

We can’t actually blame the teens, although. Scientifically, youngsters are hardwired to need to are compatible in up to imaginable.

Tim Smith, the most important adolescent psychologist at Sydney’s Psychology and Counseling Group, says, “Fascinating and complex changes occur within the developing adolescent brain that influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, placing unique psychological challenges on young people.” He surmises, “Adolescence is an especially challenging time in this regard.”

With that during thoughts, don’t blame the teens for in need of a telephone that appears like everybody else’s telephone and has an emblem related to wealth and prosperity. They’re simply going via an ungainly segment and can sooner or later change into their very own distinctive selves and can desire a telephone that displays that new identification.

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