New John Legend video filmed entirely on Pixel 2, looks amazing

1523052426 new john legend video filmed entirely on pixel 2 looks amazing

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You will not be mindful, however the newest movie from director Steven Soderbergh, referred to as Unsane, was once filmed entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus. The film was once lovely mediocre, and it’s worthwhile to without a doubt inform it wasn’t shot on professional apparatus. After viewing it, I puzzled if a better-looking movie might be made on Android .

It looks like I didn’t have to attend lengthy to get a solution, as R&B artist John Legend simply launched a brand new track video for his track “A Good Night” that was once filmed entirely on a Google Pixel 2. Does it glance larger than Soderbergh’s movie shot on an iPhone? You wager it does. It looks a LOT larger.

You would possibly not handle Legend’s track (I’m not at all that gigantic of a fan), but when no person advised me that the video was once shot on a smartphone, I wouldn’t were in a position to inform:

The staff integrated some suave tips to paintings with the Pixel 2 and its restricted skill to make use of focal point and depth-perception. While the Pixel 2 is unquestionably a video powerhouse on the subject of smartphones, its sensors are a lot smaller than what you possibly can to find on professional movie equipment, so the staff needed to get inventive. They used other lights and distinctive techniques of rigging the digital camera to present the viewer a way of house.

You can listen extra about how the staff pulled the entire video off in addition to see one of the crucial cool riggings they did within the making-of featurette underneath:

Now that I’ve observed this video, I truly wish to see what the Pixel 2 can do whilst you connect the impending anamorphic widescreen lens that Moment is these days crowdsourcing on Kickstarter. I will be able to handiest believe a movie director with the ability to create some surprising paintings with that combo.

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