Earn points towards a free Domino’s pizza by playing an Android game

earn points towards a free dominos pizza by playing an android game

If you haven’t observed the newest Domino’s Pizza industrial, it depicts a Rube Goldberg device developing (what else?) pizza. Domino’s introduced nowadays that it has made a cell game in a an identical taste to its new industrial that allows you to regulate the Rube Goldberg machines. Oh, and did we additionally point out there’s free pizza concerned?

If you’ll be able to whole all six ranges of the brand new Domino’s Android game Piece of the Pie Pursuit, you’ll get ten bonus Piece of the Pie rewards points for your subsequent Domino’s order. Those points move towards getting free pizza. That’s a lovely cool incentive to check out out a new (free!) cell game.

I do know what you’re considering: “Tell me more about free pizza. I am hungry and want free pizza right now. Does this game create free pizza in my mouth?”

Okay, in order that portions a little difficult. Here’s the way it works:

  • Enroll in Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards program by clicking right here.
  • Download Piece of the Pie Pursuit from the Google Play Store by clicking right here.
  • Play Domino’s Piece of the Pie Pursuit and beat all six ranges.
  • After you beat all six ranges, you’ll input your e-mail deal with into the game, the similar one you used to join Piece of the Pie Rewards.
  • Place an order at Dominos.com for no less than $10 price of product inside of 30 days of thrashing the game.
  • You’ll get ten points for the order plus an further ten points for beating the game.
  • When you earn 60 points, you get a free medium two-topping pizza.

I do know, that’s a lovely difficult set of steps to get began at the adventure towards getting a free pizza. However, for those who’re somebody who eats Domino’s a lot, playing this cell game is an simple strategy to earn ten rewards points, which you generally may best earn via purchasing Domino’s.

Now, somebody please get to paintings on a cell game that in reality manifests free pizza in my face. Thanks.

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