Every Android phone should have this Huawei P20 Pro feature

1522435937 every android phone should have this huawei p20 pro feature

Huawei P20 pro

Essential, Sharp, and Apple all have one thing in not unusual. They have been the primary firms to undertake the notch, carving out an additional sliver of display screen actual property and popularizing  the design in present smartphones. Like it or no longer, the notch is right here to stick. Companies like OnePlus already published it’ll be offering a notch in its upcoming OnePlus 6.

The notch is just a little like Marmite — you both find it irresistible otherwise you hate it. I’ve used the iPhone X for a couple of months and will safely say I’m no longer the largest fan of it. To my dismay, the Huawei P20 Pro additionally brings the notch, however you’ll be able to flip it off.

The phone’s show settings menu comprises choices for the notch. Here you’ll be able to in reality flip it off, disabling the additional pixels above the common show and rounding the corners to make it seem like an ordinary phone display screen.

Personally, I just like the glance of it each techniques. Over the previous few days, I’ve alternated between having the notch and disabling it (as we paintings on our complete Huawei P20 Pro evaluate). What is maximum obvious, on the other hand, is that there’s no explanation why to not have this feature. The notch is a polarizing and contentious matter among Android smartphone fanatics. A device feature like this might be the most straightforward technique to serve each portions of the marketplace.

What’s your take at the notch? Would you disable it in case your phone introduced this feature? Let us know your ideas within the feedback under and in finding out extra about Huawei’s new phone on the hyperlinks under:

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