Huawei P20 Pro vs the festival: Is the new camera really higher?

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The Huawei P20 Pro is right here and with it comes a record-breaking DxOMark rating, 3 cameras, and an entire bunch of images methods. With smartphones like the Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X surroundings the benchmark for smartphone cameras remaining yr, and the Galaxy S9 Plus laying declare to the throne this yr, how a lot better is Huawei’s camera?

As a part of our unique take a look at the new camera, we had an hour with the P20 Pro remaining week and snapped a couple of footage to check in opposition to the newest flagships. The Pixel 2 XL is broadly believed to be the very best smartphone camera on the marketplace. If you consider the DxO rankings, the P20 Pro is a lot better. The similar is going with the Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X, which each reach equivalent rankings to the Pixel 2 XL.

We carried out this shootout with beta device and most effective had a brief period of time with Huawei’s new flagship, so shall we most effective get a primary take a look at how the camera fares. We’ll convey you a complete detailed camera shootout in the coming days!


Neither the Google Pixel 2 XL nor the iPhone X have devoted “bokeh” modes, as a substitute depending on a portrait mode to seize main points with both one or two cameras, and the usage of device to blur out the background.

Those two blurred the background slightly, however Galaxy S9 Plus and Huawei P20 Pro are in a league of their very own on this bokeh struggle. Both captured numerous element, even though the P20 Pro appeared to take care of the colours higher and stored the leaves in center of attention when blurring out the background.

Winner: Huawei P20 Pro


The Huawei P20 Pro may have the maximum bokeh impact, however the impact is unnatural. If that’s what you’re in search of, it’s the very best. Personally, I favor the extra refined blurring impact of the iPhone X, even though it struggled to light up my face.

The Galaxy S9 Plus produced an image with a blown out sky. Looking at the publicity of my face, the background, and the quantity of herbal (or unnatural) bokeh implemented to the ultimate end result, the Pixel 2 XL is the transparent winner right here.

Winner: Google Pixel 2 XL


With this check, the function was once to seek out which telephone may just seize the element in the construction with out overexposing the sky. In specific, we would have liked to seize the element surrounding the home windows, in addition to the folds in the concrete wall, the brickwork, and the colour of the sky.

The P20 Pro produces a fairly darker image than we anticipated, with a noticeable loss of element in the construction structure when zooming in. The iPhone X has a slight haze throughout the symbol, nearly as whether it is overcompensating for the blown out sky, which led to a fairly washed out symbol.

There’s now not numerous distinction between the Pixel 2 Xl and the Galaxy S9 Plus right here, however the S9 wins right here through a fragment. The colours had been extra correct than the Pixel 2 XL’s end result, which over-aggressively implemented its HDR impact.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


How does each and every telephone take care of a scene with a dark sky and a colourful and detailed matter? Our commute thru Chinatown took us to this construction with mosaics, graffiti, lanterns, hearth escapes, and statues.

There’s little or no to pick out from between those units, however the winner will have to most likely be the Pixel 2 XL. The Huawei P20 Pro comes an excessively shut 2d, however the Pixel 2 XL is the very best at as it should be reproducing the colours in the scene, with out overexposing the sky.

Winner: Pixel 2 XL


The point of interest of this scene is the church in the background — to check which smartphone produces the very best colours in an excessively busy scene. Judging through the colours of the church itself, the Huawei P20 Pro is the winner as the different smartphones produced pictures both fairly beneath or overexposed.

The P20 Pro additionally did a very good process generating shiny colours in the grass, bushes, and the background, whilst conserving the sky correctly uncovered. The runner-up can be the Pixel 2 XL, which comes mighty shut, even though the image isn’t correctly uncovered.

Winner: Huawei P20 Pro


There’s little or no to distinguish those pictures, in spite of the P20’s devoted greenery mode (that activated routinely because of the onboard AI). In truth the P20’s symbol is slightly blown out. Clearly the device attempted to use a blanket preset of settings designed for greenery, with out actually inspecting this actual scene (and those taking pictures stipulations).

Picking a winner from the closing 3 was once laborious, however the Galaxy S9 Plus wins total because it has the maximum element zoomed into the symbol. In specific, it captures the water on the petals in addition to extra main points of the damaged petals in comparison to its opponents.

Winner: Galaxy S9 Plus


This darkish church equipped a captivating matter and a problem for those smartphones. All of them promise superb lowlight images. The effects numerous broadly, as you’ll be able to see.

The iPhone X and Galaxy S9 Plus each overexposed the scene, which resulted in just right colour, however a noticeable loss of element. The Galaxy S9 Plus outperforms the iPhone X right here through a substantial margin, which is particularly obvious whilst you zoom into the pews nearest the camera.

This leaves the Pixel 2 XL and the Huawei P20 Pro, and the result’s a tie. Both units are higher than the different in numerous spaces. The Pixel 2 XL does an ideal process of taking pictures the main points in the total scene however over-exposes fairly. The P20 Pro captured fairly much less element, however had extra correct publicity.

Winner: Tie


The Huawei P20 Pro may have a 24MP front-facing camera, however extra megapixels doesn’t essentially imply higher footage. It failed to correctly divulge this image, leading to a blown out symbol very best thrown in the trash. The Galaxy S9 Plus selfie is fairly washed out, leaving the iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL as the two finalists.

Which of those two wins will in large part be down for your private desire, relying on whether or not you like darker or lighter pictures.  The iPhone X had a produced a lighter symbol. The Pixel 2 XL higher captured the colours of the background. I’d in my opinion relatively percentage the iPhone X selfie because it’s the extra colourful of the two.

Winner: Apple iPhone X


It may look like a easy scene, however with a sliver of the sky at the best, water at the backside, textual content on the wall in the back of and, in fact, the waterfall itself, there’s so much happening in those footage. The point of interest was once the middle of the symbol and it’s right here we will draw our winner from (in addition to at the backside of the waterfall).

Zooming into the symbol, the iPhone X is the first to show noise, adopted through the Galaxy S9 Plus. The Pixel 2 XL comes 2d, however the element of the Huawei P20 Pro’s primary camera displays. Looking at the backside of the waterfall, its symbol remained correctly uncovered, not like the different units. There’s additionally extra element in the waterfall itself.

Winner: Huawei P20 Pro

How a lot better is the new camera?

Huawei’s new camera has some attention-grabbing methods up its sleeve, and there’s no denying that 40MP solution coupled with the f/1.7” sensor measurement provides it some benefits over the festival. Yet, the Pixel 2 XL proves device and suave algorithms make up for numerous disadvantages. Even the very best wishes superb device to provide the very best footage.

Which of those smartphones do you suppose is the winner? You can see the complete camera samples at the hyperlink in the button beneath. Let us know which one was once your favourite in the feedback beneath!

Stay tuned — we’ll be updating this publish with our low mild impressions the next day to come, adopted through a complete shootout in the coming days. For extra on Huawei’s new flagship, take a look at those hyperlinks beneath!

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