Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus touchscreen issue causing havoc on some handsets

1521715226 samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus touchscreen issue causing havoc on some handsets

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Some Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets can have a show defect that suggests touches aren’t registered. The issue has been raised in more than one Reddit posts, and the respectable Samsung boards (by means of Android Police), and it kind of feels to be extra not unusual on the S9 Plus.

The drawback impacts simplest parts of the show, referred to as “dead zones,” despite the fact that the site of those fluctuate from instrument to instrument. Taps or swipes on those spaces of the display will not be identified, and if it’s in a steadily accessed location just like the notification house, it might probably spoil the meant capability.

See the GIF under (uploaded by way of a Reddit consumer) for example; the affected spaces seems to be across the letters E, R and T.

Increasing the instrument sensitivity has been stated to scale back the issue in some instances, whilst you might want to additionally skirt round it quickly by way of making the keyboard higher or transferring icons and so forth relying on the place the useless zone is situated.

It isn’t one thing you’ll have to place up with, then again, so for those who suspect your smartphone may well be affected, very best touch Samsung to get a alternative/restore (a instrument answer will not be imaginable). Here’s a hyperlink to its beef up web page.

Have you encountered some other problems with the brand new Samsung flagships? Let us know what they’re within the feedback.

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